Few so far have understood the full value of this long-existent technique. Are you ready to explore the unknown?

Most people are happy to have their back pain go away or their repetitive stress injuries disappear. We're not claiming cures here—this is education, not cure—but we've observed these results and the British Back Pain Study has born this out.

But there's so much more the Technique has to offer than this.

Productivity, performance enhancement, personal development—all of this is possible.

But beyond that, there is a vision here. F. M. Alexander saw that humans were now in some danger of blowing ourselves up. We had mastered the atom, the outside world, to an extreme degree, yet we didn't know the first thing about ourselves—how we were sitting, moving, holding ourselves in thinking. Watch yourself singing in a mirror or take a video of yourself—can you do this without unnecessary holding between your head and your spine? Do you have the kind of control over yourself that you think you do?

Alexander found that we did not, and that there was a new world of the self to discover.

I love working with the curious and those who want to be of service.

To contribute to the mission, you can contact me to discuss how we can bring the benefits of Alexander's discoveries to the whole world. Or book a time to explore the nature of yourself without any preconceived goal in mind, asking how our choices now can serve humanity from this moment forward.

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