For Farmers (and Gardeners and Permaculturists)


You know how important your body is to your work, and you also probably know that your mental and emotional well-being is essential.  I am passionate about sustainable, respectful-of-nature-and-common-good farming and gardening practices.  I want to help you do what you do more easily, more effectively, and with more satisfaction.  


Your self is your greatest resource.  The Alexander Technique's benefit to your coordination of yourself will help you steward this resource.  And it costs no more natural resources for you to coordinate yourself well than to coordinate yourself against your design.


* I will happily work for food and a monetary rate that works for you.  I cannot guarantee I can give to all farmers what you need, but I will make a certain amount of my work a tithe to farmers.  You are the foundation of humanity—without food we are nothing.  In the spirit of the brothers Gracchus, I dedicate some of my surplus to farmers.


I understand how busy you are, and I will make an effort to come to you and work with you at your farm.


We might focus on particular activities you do frequently.


Please let me know three times you are available and we'll go from there—if I don't have any of those available then I'll shoot you three times I have.



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*shared with permission, of course